The city of Newark is located in New Castle County, Delaware which is the northern most of the three counties. Newark is the home of the University of Delaware known as the Blue Hens. The city has a population of 31,454 according to the last US Census. This population coupled with a large internet savvy college crowd makes Newark and the rest of New Castle County perfect for internet marketing.

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Web Designer

Build Your Online specializes in designing professional responsively designed websites. We focus on designing websites that converts your traffic into leads for your company.

YouTube Marketing

Build Your Online understands the value of video marketing and its ability to convert traffic into customers. We also specialize in using YouTube videos to rank within Google to bring you fresh leads.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is all about getting found online. At Build Your Online we specialize in getting your name and website in front of people who are searching for your product or service. This results in more customers to your business.

Google Maps Marketing

Build Your Online understands the importance of mobile search and Google Maps. We get your business listed and ranked to get your company found by people who want to spend money with a business like yours.

Newark Delaware Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Newark SEO Services are a great way to do whats important for your business, increase sales and improve your bottom line. When working with a professional internet consulting firm like Build Your Online you can expect to see a healthy return on your investment. If you’re just starting to research SEO you are quickly learning at how powerful the internet can be for your website and your company. It truly is the time to realize the true value of using SEO for your company based in Newark New Castle County Delaware.



Why Build Your Online SEO for your Newark DE based company

The SEOs at Build Your Online have years of experience to help grow your Newark, DE business. You probably wouldn’t trust a plumber to perform open-heart surgery on your loved one. Nor is it likely you would allow a mechanic anywhere near your home HVAC. So why would you try to master and do your own SEO? You’re a business owner/manager etc of an Newark based business that has zero to do with SEO. Use your knowledge and time to grow your business and focus on what makes your company special. Let us handle your SEO needs, as this is our niche. Search engine optimization is a constantly changing skill set, that requires intense knowledge and a dedication to staying one step ahead of Google, or at least only a few steps ahead.


Use SEO and Web Design to invest in your Newark business

If you invested $3,000 a month on SEO, and each month you made $5,500, would you consider that a good investment? What if you invested that same $5,000 into your website, would you be happy to make $3,500 every single month? This is referred to as ROI, or return on investment. The last time you spoke to someone about search engine optimization in Newark, did they mention this? We work with you to learn your business, our free consultation is essential. How can we offer you a solution when we don’t know or understand the problem? We can’t, and any business who is advertising or offering you a prefixed package is worried about their bottom line and not yours.

At Build Your Online we work with you to understand your business, we help you determine the value of a new lead/customer, we analyze your budget and desires, and in the end come up with a custom solution for your company. We may be a web design and SEO firm, but really we are here to make you money. We’re not going to offer you something that you don’t need or that won’t bring in its cost plus in new business.


Let Build Your Online help you grow

We would love to offer you a free website and SEO analysis. With these results we can work with you to see what fits your budget and what investment  makes financial sense. We are here to grow your business and bring in new leads.

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