What is Social Media Marketing?

Build Your Online Social Media MarketingSocial media is more then just sharing photos of your recent vacation with your friends. It has grown into a pivotal part of marketing a business of any size. Just several years ago a small local business was ahead of the curve if they had a Facebook or Twitter account. In today’s times however you’re behind if you’re not interacting with your customers via social media. It has become so important in fact that you gain less trust from Google in dealing with local SEO if you don’t have a strong social media presence.

Social media marketing is the use of popular social media networks to interact, inform, and educate your current customer base as well as potential leads. Providing users with a professional social media presence builds your online presence and develops trust in your brand. This trust is not only developed with potential and current customers, but also with Google. Social media marketing is now essential and should not be left out of your internet marketing plans.

Build Your Online does Social Media Marketing

Coupled with our other internet consulting services such as Google Maps Marketing, Local Search Engine Optimization, YouTube marketing, and webdesign services we allow your company to build a strong online presence. At Build Your Online we don’t just do social media however. We use social media to drive clients to your business so you can convert them into customers. Our social media marketing options are an important service that offers a good return on investment and also boosts your other internet marketing efforts.

At Build Your Online we don’t simply go out and create a bunch of social media accounts for you without a goal. Instead we look at the product/service you offer and determine what markets you should be in. Creating social media accounts that gain little to no traction does nothing for your business. Instead we focus our efforts on a select few accounts and build campaigns to truly maximize their value. Our goal is always to drive revenues and to grow your brand and your business.


of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. (Source: Business2Community)


of total internet time is spent on social networking sites (Experian)


of small business are using social media to improve their SEO

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