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YouTube Video Local Business Ranking

Are you looking to grow your business and bring in more leads to your company? Of course, what company doesn’t want to increase its revenues? YouTube videos and video marketing have become a great way to convey information to customers. Similar to a TV ad, you can produce internet videos but with better results. Internet marketing comes with the benefit of knowing your marketing is working. You are able to track views, demographics, how the viewer interacts with your ad, etc.


Videos on your landing page can increase your conversion rate


Top search results included at least one YouTube video


Growth of video internet marketing in 2014

What is YouTube video marketing?

YouTube video marketing is a service we offer here at Build Your Online. We take videos that you have produced or we work with you to get videos made. We then take these videos and get them ranked within Google search results. Why would you want to do this? More leads! That is ultimately the name of the game here, and it is what we focus on. We take your message and we get it in front of those looking for the service or product that you offer.

Who is YouTube marketing for?

If you’re a local company that already has a responsive website that is properly SEOed and still looking for more leads, then YouTube Marketing is for you. Or maybe you’ve thought about about a website, but just not sold on the investment into the internet. Are you on this list?

  • You want new clients to find you
  • You have something valuable to say/offer
  • You have a service you want more people to know about
  • You’re not sure how to use YouTube to market
  • You want more people to find you online
  • You know the internet is where to market, but you’re just not sure how
  • You are local, and want more local clients

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Here is an example of the results we have obtained using our YouTube marketing strategy. Notice that YouTube gives a nice preview of the video, and draws in your attention in the search results. This helps convert those who search for your product and service to click on YOUR business, resulting in leads to YOUR company. It’s that simple, YouTube marketing, when done right, makes you money.

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