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After you’re website is built and online, the whole world has access to it. This is why WordPress works hard to release new updates for their system. You’re WordPress website needs regular maintenance to stay ahead of hackers, and spam bots. What most people don’t know is that it’s not just WordPress releasing updates; themes and plugins also update regularly. Keeping your WordPress website up-to-date is very important. In 2012 a large group of computers were automated to hack WordPress websites in a brute force attack. WordPress releases regular updates with security fixes and patches to help prevent potential exploits of the vulnerabilities of your website.

Almost 16 Million websites run on WordPress. Its popularity is the reason WordPress is increasingly targeted by hackers. Many website hackers’ only goal is to break into your website and deface it or use the website to deliver spam across the internet.  WordPress monitors these website exploits and releases version updates to fix them.  We offer a monthly maintenance plan to keep your website up to date.  Not only that, but we run daily backups of your website with version history.  As you make changes, rest comfortably knowing we have a working version of your website ready should you want to revert back.  In the event of a website crash, we can have your website back online in hours.


Wordpress Backups every 24 hours

The website files and database is backed up 24 hours. We have a revision history listed by date. Want your website restored to how it was a week ago? No problem.

Website Hacks

If you’re site is offline, you’re losing money from potential new customers.

Wordpress Updates

All of our maintenance plans include updates to the WordPress core and plugins. We also update your theme, when available.

Plans and Pricing

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  • Daily secure off-site backups
  • Add-on hours available
  • Plug-ins updated
  • Wordpress Update Management
  • Website Restore
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  • Daily secure off-site backups
  • 1 hour support/monthly
  • Theme updated
  • Plug-ins updated
  • Wordpress Core Updates
  • Website Restore
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